Crossing the Lofoten (Part 1)

Day One: Moskenes to Tennesvatnet Distance: ~ 10 km Total elevation gained: ~ 780 m It was just before 6 am on the 12th of October 2016, and the world was dark and quiet. I walked southeast along the dimly lit road that led to the town of Å on the Lofoten archipelago, Norway. To … More Crossing the Lofoten (Part 1)


Back to the Breaks

There is a rugged, exceptional country that exists on the interface between the Blue Mountains National park and the Yerranderie State Conservation Area. It is a place where the hills fall and rise like turbulent, rounded seas, veiled in a blue and white haze of fragrant Eucalyptus oils. Every inch of the land here is … More Back to the Breaks

Ode to Jagungal

And down by Kosciusko, where the pine-clad ridges raise, Their torn and rugged battlements on high, Where the air is clear as crystal, and the white stars fairly blaze At midnight in the cold and frosty sky. -The man from Snowy River, A.B “Banjo” Patterson. TO DESCRIBE a place such as this – It is … More Ode to Jagungal

Sunsets in the Wolgan Valley. And the birth of new adventures.

I love watching the sun set. Not only because it can be a very beautiful thing; watching the clouds change from white and gray to pink and orange and red, feeling the heat escape from everything as the light trickles behind the horizon, but because it creates in me a sense of comfortable familiarity. No … More Sunsets in the Wolgan Valley. And the birth of new adventures.